Welcome to Enable  

Our plants are well-equipped to manufacture a variety of products on an OEM basis, ranging from cosmetics to chemical products. Our plants have everything needed to meet our customers’ needs. This includes production lines with both small and large emulsion tanks, R&D equipment for new product development, and quality control systems that ensure the quality of our products. These enable us to satisfy our customers’ every demand

We constantly work to bring safer products and more reliable quality to our customers. We have quality assurance systems that include incoming inspections of raw and packaging materials, sensory tests and physical property tests of contents and products.

Quantitative tests for heavy metals and arsenic are presently conducted in-house; these were previously outsourced.

The most important issue to be dealt with in R&D is ensuring product safety. Our lab workers test each product by applying products to themselves, in order to repeatedly check the safety of the product and the sense of its use. Production trials are repeated until the product meets customer needs as relayed through the sales reps. The massive amount of data accumulated over time plays a big role in meeting the customers’ development timelines. This large amount of data we have accumulated enables us to provide a flexible and speedy response. It also enlarges our product development capability, so we can meet the needs of various markets, ranging from chemical products to cosmetics.